Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay

Commissioner: Mrs Patricia Bentancur

Curator: Mr Alfredo Torres

Coordination and staging: Mr Gustavo Tabares


Commissioner Patricia Bentancur resume

Patricia Bentancur lives and works in Montevideo, Uruguay. Analyst of Latin American contemporary art, curator and artist. Director of Exhibitions and New Media of the Spanish Cultural Centre (CCE) in Montevideo.

 She is a co-founder and consulting member of the Contemporary Art Foundation (FAC), and an Associate Artist of the Atlantic Center for the Arts, ACA-USA. She has edited over a hundred books on Ibero-American contemporary art and has published essays and other texts in ARTE: (Uruguay), Nerter (Spain), Photography Quarterly (New York, USA) and Untitled (London), among others.

She has been the commissioner for analytical exhibitions of the work of Antoni Muntadas, Ernesto Vila, Luis Camnitzer, Mario Sagradini, Marco Maggi, Ana Tiscornia and Félix González Torres, among many others, as well as for monographic presentations on subjects such as, The Ethics of Lansdscape Ética del Paisaje/Yamandú Canosa (2008); Art, Dishonour and Violence (Arte Deshonra y Violencia) (2007), Clemente Padín Films, Texts & Documents (1967 – 2006); Gender Issues in Latin America (Problemática de Género en Iberoamérica) (2005).

She is also part of the research team for Off-Centred Conceptualisms in Latin America (Conceptualismos descentrados en América Latina). She is the Commissioner for Uruguay’s exhibition at the 53rd Venice Biennial (2009).


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